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Riding at Zars Ranch

One of the best kept riding secrets in Texas!

Most of the approx 50 miles of trails on Zars are unmarked (no ribbon) two way trails.

There are approx 10 miles of marked (colored ribbon) one way trails on the property. Always keep the colored ribbon on your right when riding a marked trail. The first "Pink" trail leads out from camp and circles back. The "Orange" trail starts off about mid-way on the Pink trail and loops down towards the river and rejoins the Pink trail across the fire road from where it started.

There is a 2 acre area set aside near the parking area for the little guys and gals to ride. Mostly flat and hard parked terrain and larger bikes (except for mamas and papas keeping an eye on the younguns) are prohibited.

Member access for open riding is 24/7 with the exception of work hours during work days, all day on race days, and the morning of Family Fun Days. Zars has ample parking area, picnic tables, lots of shaded pit area, and porta potties (which are normally serviced weekly). Bring your own food and water. Zars is approx 1/2 mile wide by 1 1/2 miles long (324 acres) and has approx 45 miles of trails including single track, 2-track, sandy field tracks, and hill climbs. The property has some fun elevation changes as you approach and explore the San Antonio river area. The terrain is diverse, ranging from loose and sandy to clay and hard pack. We also have a 3 acre area (trails are wide, clay hard pack, flat, and ribboned for direction) set aside for the "little ones" to ride that is within walking distance of the parking area. Note that cars/trucks are not permitted beyond the parking area with the exception of work days.

Guest riding is allowed and the fees are $20 for adults and $10 for youth age 15 and under. The maximum fee for a family is $40. All fees are for a per rider (family), per day basis. The guest(s) must be sponsored by a current club member, and that member must be present at any time the guest is on the property. To request a Guest Rider Sponsorship, go to the Forums and post in the guest rider request thread and give the date/day that you wish to guest ride. The guest rider form can be found here although copies are also available at Zars.

The parking area doubles as a campsite area and members are welcome to camp. We try to keep a good stock of firewood available for members to use on site. Please don't take (steal) firewood from the property.

There are cattle on the property and they are so used to motorcycles that you have to give them time (and sometimes just a bit of encouragement) to move out of the way. Also, it's not unusual to see wildlife (deer, cototes, armadillos, snakes of all sorts, javalina, feral hogs, owls, hawks, turkeys, chupacabras, etc) on Zars.

We keep Zars clean!!!! DBSA has been leasing Zars for some 30+ years. The landowner appreciates the way we've taken care of the place. Please be sure to pick up after yourselves so we can continue to enjoy this property.

Directions to Zars Ranch

This riding lease is located southeast of San Antonio and a few miles south of Floresville.

From North East area (Live Oak, Universal City, Schertz): Loop 1604 West, Hwy 181 South (towards Floresville), FM775 West, FM1303 South (Proceed 2.5 miles towards Floresville). Look for the gate on the left side of the road with the yellow 'DBSA Members Only' sign just inside it.

From the airport: 281 South, IH37 South, Loop 1604 East, FM1303 South (Proceed 8.5 miles towards Floresville). Look for the gate on the left side of the road with the yellow 'DBSA Members Only' sign just inside it.

Rules At Zars Ranch

1. This riding area is for members and paid, member sponsored guest riders
2. No hunting or fishing is allowed on the property
3. No discharging of firearms, bow and arrows, or fireworks allowed
4. No open camp fires (except in designated camp areas)
5. No removing of firewood or tree cutting allowed on the property
6. No chasing or tormenting the livestock
7. Members are responsible for locking the gate upon ENTRY and EXIT
8. Members are responsible for signing in at gate upon arrival, and signing out when leaving
9. Members are responsible for their trash collection and removing it
10. Members are responsible for themselves and their guests and any damage they may cause
11. Parking is allowed in designated areas only
12. Only motorcycles and quads are allowed in the riding areas
13. Members must have their key and membership card with them while on the property and must display them to any member that asks to see
14. Junior riders (under 14 yrs old) must NOT be left unaccompanied to ride
15. Do not ride alone on the property and do not leave anyone alone
16. Slower riders must keep to the right of the trail to allow passing
17. No pets allowed off leash
18. No "burn-throughs", pit racing, or wheelies in the camp/pit area. 5mph speed limit
19. Helmets must be worn at ALL times, even when in the pits
20. NO FREE GUEST RIDERS! Guest riding is only permitted when the proper guest riding forms have been completed, the day riding fee has been paid, and the sponsoring member is present. Guest rider fees are $20 for adults and $10 for youth age 15 and under. The maximum fee for a family is $40. All fees are for a per rider (family), per day basis.
21. Have fun!


In case of emergency, contact the Wilson County Emergency Medical Services at (830) 393-2535

Nearest Hospital
Connally Memorial Medical Center
499 10th Street
Floresville, TX 78114
(830) 393-1300
FAX (830) 393-1301

(NOTE: 10th Street is HWY181)

Directions from Zars to Connally Memorial Medical Center
1) Leave Zars through the main gate turning left (on FM1303)
2) Follow FM1303 towards Floresville, it will turn into FM536, and then turn into Trail St., but never leave the road you are on, keep going straight (if you take a left or a right, you are not on the road you need to be on)
3) Follow FM536 (Trail St.) to 4th street and take a left at the stop sign
4) Take a right on Standish St. about a 1/8-1/4 mile down
5) At the light take a left on HWY181 (also called 10th street)
6) Connally Medical Center will be approximately 1 mile down on the left side of the highway

Updated June 2, 2021